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Why Choose Wutian Martial Art Institute?

Every child deserves the fun, excitement, and positivity that stem from training in the martial arts. Not only do our students learn confidence, discipline, and how to respect their parents and teachers, but they also become physically fit and connect with new friends and mentors. We teach vital anti-bullying skills, focus on improving our students' performance in school, and build a strong foundation for a lifetime of success.

Give your child the opportunity to grow and thrive through the most exciting Kids Martial Arts program in London! With our TWO WEEK TRIAL, it's easier than ever to get started.

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My daughter is new to martial arts but I can honestly say that she enjoys this class more than her other activities. The atmosphere is very good and the classes are taught professionally whilst ensuring that the children have fun and learn practical skills. The instructor is female and is therefore a role model for the children to see that girls can do it too!!

Jamila Has

I was very worry about my son getting bullied in School recently. That’s when I decide to put him in martial art classes, The instructors here are great, they listen and try to help you.

They teach really useful techniques for young kids, My son is always asking me when is he going to have martial art class every week now, he loves collecting those stickers on his belt and the students are very welcoming. I am so happy that his learning to protect himself and having new friends.

Janice Murphy

We would like to share our opinion about the martial art course, which our son Max is attending.We are extremely delighted,by everything he is involved in.Since he started he is very excited too,always impatient to attend next session and showing at home his new skills.We believe that the training is an excellent way to improve his sports activity and discipline. The teachers are mazing and the children always watch them in the eyes expecting to learn more and more .We would like to thank everyone involved in this excellent experience! With regards-Max's family

Meglena Stefanova

I have 2 kids attending Wutian Martial Arts for 4 months now. I am very pleased with the progress they have made so far. The lessons have improved their level of confidence and happiness. It's also teaching kids to live a healthy lifestyle from young age. I would highly recommend this institute for kids!

Ojliaa UK

My daughter Victoria Wang really enjoy going to classes. I highly recommend Wutian Kids Martial Art Institute in Camden Town for everyone who want to learn self-defense. Many thanks for your teaching.

Chen Wang

I was looking for an institute for months until I came across Wutian Martial Arts and I am so pleased that I have found them.

My daughter have been attending the institute since February and I can see that her self-confidence have grew immensely.

Her teacher Sufi Jai is very experienced and I can say in confidence that she is excellent in her job. I really like they way she gets to know the needs and requirement of her student and works with them to develop them further.

Amazing institute and amazing service quality!!!

Sazeda Akhtar

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