Kids Martial Arts near Poplar

Online Live Martial Art Programme

Make Your Goals A Reality - Even While Social Distancing

Due to COVID-19, Wutian Martial Art Institute has moved all classes online! This means you can practise your kicks, punches and grappling, right in your living room! Just because our doors are temporarily closed, doesn't mean your training progress has to stop.

We are proud to offer a online classes and training for all members! Whether you are a beginner or an advanced martial artist, these at-home workouts are suitable for everyone. We can't wait to continue building our community virtually and we look forward to seeing you on Zoom. 

Our online martial art classes are four days a week (Tuesday to Friday). We also host Fun & Games sessions on alternate Saturdays where we engage in fun activities with our students outside of martial arts classes for further character building and team bonding.

Martial Arts Classes in the Comfort of your own Home

Our Online Membership Gives You:

  • Classes delivered by a professional martial artist who has 20 years of teaching experience
  • Links to online live classes Tuesday to Friday
  • The chance to bond with family members and learn a new skill together
  • An opportunity to beat cabin fever during isolation
  • A virtual community