Looking for the Secret Formula to Help Your Child Improve Their Grades?

Looking for the Secret Formula to Help Your Child Improve Their Grades?

Parents all around the world can attest to the difficulty of raising children – especially the challenges of unsatisfactory grades on a child’s report card. Do you find yourself wishing there was a way to help your child get better grades? Are you concerned that your child isn’t performing to the best of his or her ability?

You can’t spend every day at school analyzing what is preventing them from doing better on tests and exams. However, you can make some adjustments at home to better prepare them to succeed in school.


These suggestions may be exactly what your child needs to ensure he or she has better grades on the next report card:


1. Cut down, rather than eliminate, playtime. Poor grades on your child’s report card could be an indication that not enough time is put into studies or that too much time is spent recreationally. However, the answer isn’t to eliminate playtime altogether. It’s important that there is a balance in your child’s life.

· Increase the time spent on studies and homework if your child tends to neglect them. However, more effective use of the time spent may be the better technique if your child is spending time on his studies. Reduce distractions and help explain important concepts.

· Allow more recreation on the weekend so your child can take a real break from the books.


2. Encourage reading. Reading is one of the core subjects that aid in a child’s development and progress. However, not all kids like to read the books required by their school because they may not be interesting to them. Try to find more interesting reading formats that will likely catch the attention of your young one:

· Get books that use more illustration than normal; pictures help break the monotony of reading that usually turns kids off.

· Outside of the books that are required for school, choose books with subject matter that will appeal to your child’s interests.


3. Provide games that strengthen their weaknesses. If math and problem solving are weak areas for your child, buy games that require more logic and reasoning than normal.


4. Keep meals consistent. Often, if there’s too much time between meals, it becomes very easy for the brain to shut down and lose focus. This happens to children as well. You can prevent this scenario by ensuring mealtimes are consistent so the brain is always adequately fed.


5. Consider a tutor. Some children learn better one-on-one. It’s possible that your child isn’t doing well in class because there’s not enough attention being paid to his or her needs. Extra classes outside of school will give your child the attention needed to truly grasp concepts and understand a subject.


These tips will help you steer your child toward better grades and develop the skills necessary to excel in school. Every child is different, and their needs may change from time to time, so you must remain diligent about finding solutions that work for them. The sooner you’re able to pinpoint their specific weaknesses, the faster you can take steps to correct them.


At the end of the day, the more time spent addressing the educational needs of your child, the greater the likelihood they will do well in school! Did you know that martial arts, because of its structure and focus building skills actually helps kids do better in school? Call us today and find out how our martial arts program can help your child reach his/her potential.

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