3 Keys to Increasing Flexibility

3 Keys to Increasing Flexibility

1️⃣ Dynamic stretching is just as important as static stretching. Try starting your stretching session with 20 burpees, 20 squats, and 20 jumping jacks.


2️⃣By strengthening the muscle in the end range of motion, the situation then becomes “safer” and the muscle sends feedback to the brain that there is less danger and the brain allows the joint angle to increase which means you get more flexible. Leg swings forward, sideways, and backwards will help with this.


3️⃣Move! Your training should include as many different movements as possible. If you are a runner and all you do is run, you will lose flexibility in other areas of your body. Each sport has its own limitations when it comes to flexibility and that is why finding an activity like martial arts is so essential.


Martial art is a full-body workout that consists of a combination of both static and dynamic stretching which will help students of all ages to feel happier and healthier than ever. 💪

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