Wondering why martial arts is perfect for girls?

Wondering why martial arts is perfect for girls?

1. Confidence becomes a habit - Martial arts is more of an individual sport in the sense that everyone is valued based on their personal progress both physically and mentally. As girls get older and grow into the pre-teen years, they have to deal with a number of issues that come with that transition. They can be subject to bullying, being excluded from cliques, and can often start to feel worthless.

Martial arts gives girls consistent and measurable goals to accomplish. As the girls break through these goals, their self-worth increases, their confidence rises and thus makes them less vulnerable to bullying and attacks by their peers.

2. Gives them the ability to focus on what's important - With social media influencers focusing so much on how a girl should look, what they should wear, and how they should act, it is really easy for girls to start focusing on the wrong things. Because martial arts teaches young women how to be goal focused and self-motivated, they focus more on the skills and milestones that will lead to success later in life. Because of this, our team constantly sees students break through expectations that are set for them in school and extracurriculars. They focus on becoming stronger both mentally and physically which helps them to prepare for any obstacle that could come up in life.

3. Gender equality - There is a myth that the strongest person will always win a fight. This is partially true but it has more to do with mental strength than physical strength. Through martial arts training, girls see that with proper technique, they can use leverage to take down an attacker of any size. As they practice their self-defence techniques, they train with both boys and girls. Girls will use their techniques in class to immobilise both boys and girls. When they see that that proper technique works on boys just as well as girls, it removes the notion that boys are invincible.

4. Never give up attitude - As a girl continues to train in martial arts, there will be some techniques that are extremely easy to learn and others that will be more difficult, but... there will always be instructors there to encourage them to keep giving it their all. Every student will fall, they will get knocked down, and they will see that the only way to get better is by getting back up. The girls that we train don't cry when it gets hard, rather, they get up and they keep fighting to be their best. This mindset manifests itself into everyday life. When they are having a bad day or when school work is extra difficult, they push through and get to the finish line because that is what they have been taught to do.

Girls need to develop self-worth and mental perseverance now more than ever and the ones that do accomplish whatever they put their mind to.

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