Wutian Martial Art Institute Reviews

My daughter is new to martial arts but I can honestly say that she enjoys this class more than her other activities. The atmosphere is very good and the classes are taught professionally whilst ensuring that the children have fun and learn practical skills. The instructor is female and is therefore a role model for the children to see that girls can do it too!!

Jamila Has

I was very worry about my son getting bullied in School recently. That’s when I decide to put him in martial art classes, The instructors here are great, they listen and try to help you.

They teach really useful techniques for young kids, My son is always asking me when is he going to have martial art class every week now, he loves collecting those stickers on his belt and the students are very welcoming. I am so happy that his learning to protect himself and having new friends.

Janice Murphy

We would like to share our opinion about the martial art course, which our son Max is attending.We are extremely delighted,by everything he is involved in.Since he started he is very excited too,always impatient to attend next session and showing at home his new skills.We believe that the training is an excellent way to improve his sports activity and discipline. The teachers are mazing and the children always watch them in the eyes expecting to learn more and more .We would like to thank everyone involved in this excellent experience! With regards-Max's family

Meglena Stefanova

I have 2 kids attending Wutian Martial Arts for 4 months now. I am very pleased with the progress they have made so far. The lessons have improved their level of confidence and happiness. It's also teaching kids to live a healthy lifestyle from young age. I would highly recommend this institute for kids!

Ojliaa UK

My daughter Victoria Wang really enjoy going to classes. I highly recommend Wutian Kids Martial Art Institute in Camden Town for everyone who want to learn self-defense. Many thanks for your teaching.

Chen Wang

I was looking for an institute for months until I came across Wutian Martial Arts and I am so pleased that I have found them.

My daughter have been attending the institute since February and I can see that her self-confidence have grew immensely.

Her teacher Sufi Jai is very experienced and I can say in confidence that she is excellent in her job. I really like they way she gets to know the needs and requirement of her student and works with them to develop them further.

Amazing institute and amazing service quality!!!

Sazeda Akhtar

Sifu Jai is an amazing teacher that is great at combining discipline, exercise and fun in a safe environment. My son likes it a lot and has been transferring his skills in other areas of play in a positive way. Many thanks for your teachings.

Zaiobi Ta

My son had his first class this morning. He had a brilliant time and can’t wait for his next class.

Sifu met us at reception and explained the process and membership details, it was very clear and as soon as my son said he is enjoying the class we signed up for 12 month membership.

Jonathan was the instructor and all the kids on the training mat were really enjoying themselves. The warm up to technic of how to get out of a hold from anyone was really cool.

Great venue and great team.

Saddek Ahmed

I have been attending Wutian for the last 4 months. Sifu Jai is a really good teacher and has helped me learn a lot of new skills. I enjoy going regularly after school because it's fun and something different.

Sammy Rahman

I love how the lessons have changed my daughter's attitude, now she is a safer and more confident girl. I love how Sifu is always attentive to everything and tries to help children in any problem or situation that comes their way. In addition to the discipline taught by the rapporteur in daily practice in her daily routine

Nanouska Garmendia

Great martial arts classes for kids. My daughter’s confidence has grown massively since starting, and her attitude to difficult situations at school is much better! Very reasonably priced in comparison to other local training we have tried!

Lucia Liddle

My son is enjoying going to Wutian Martial Arts classes. I have been looking for institutes for a while now but after meeting Jonny and Jai

I feel happy that my goal of the classes to make my son more confident and learn self defence is in good hands. What makes Wutian different is that the work doesn’t just stop at the classes, everything they learn has a positive effect at home too.

I would recommend Wutian Martial Arts Poplar to all parents!

Nas B Kamaly

My boys aged 7 & 8 have been attending Sifu Jai’s classes for nearly 2 years, because of these classes they are toned, have excellent coordination and are very resilient when it comes to physical activities. I recommend these classes for helping any child to grow well physically and mentally.

Sharon Wright

Our daughters have been learning martial arts here for self-defence purposes, and enjoying their lessons. It's a very practical mix of different styles from knowledgeable and friendly instructors.

Phillip Abrahamson

My girls Ines and Fayruz are so excited to attend the Wutian Martial Art classes, not only they learn self defense but also how to discipline and work hard in general. thanks Sifu for sharing your knowledge with them

Keltoum Fellah

My Childrens love attending their martial arts classes. The location is very convenient with plenty of off street car park.

Sifu Jay is a very passionate teacher and she is very knowledgeable in the martial arts field.

The children adore and respect her. She is firm and the same time fun, she makes the lessons worth their while.

The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat.

Jahangir Hussain

My children love the classes- they learn discipline technique as well as having fun at the same time..

ebr ebr

My daughter is enjoying to have martial class now. The teacher is patient and professional. Definitely recommend to you guys.

J.X. Wang

Sifu Jai is such a wonderful and very enthusiastic teacher and my children really enjoy going to the classes.

ibzy ibz

Really nice, intense for our 4 years old (looks like the youngest) but he like going.

It will teach him becoming stronger and confident.

Remi Landaz

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